ESG Strategy

Investment Strategy

We believe that making long-term investments in companies with high corporate governance quality and competitive advantage in businesses responding to environmental and social challenges, will enable us to achieve attractive returns.

Unique approach

  • We analyze and understand companies in detail through bottom-up research by analysts, focusing on non-financial information from an ESG perspective.
  • In common ESG research, companies are analyzed from each of the E・S・G aspects separately. Our analysts utilize a unique approach integrating ESG factors, focusing on the “business model” and “stakeholder relationship” to determine the condition of companies from an ESG perspective.

Concentrated Portfolio

  • We strictly select and invest in companies which have been evaluated highly in terms of ESG quality.

Long-Term Investment

  • We believe the impact from ESG factors accumulate over a long timeframe. Thus, we invest in companies with high ESG profile from a long term perspective.
  • We establish good communication with the companies we invest in and conduct engagement with them when necessary.

Investment Process

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  • The purpose of this page is to express the general investment method of the strategy, and not intended for offering or soliciting any new subscriptions.
  • The information contained in this material is prepared based on a representative fund of the strategy.
  • All data used herein are that of the past and do not guarantee future returns.
  • Although the information used on this page has been obtained from public sources which are considered to be reliable and credible, T&D Asset Management does not guarantee the correctness or the credibility of such information.