Message from Representative Director and President

"Create Shared Value"

Yoshihisa Tanaka
Representative Director and President of T&D Asset Management

Thank you for your interest in T&D Asset Management.
T&D Asset Management is the asset management firm which is part of the T&D Insurance Group. The management philosophy of the T&D Insurance Group is to contribute to society by creation of value, based on our guiding principle "Try & Discover." In addition to this management philosophy, our principle at T&D Asset management is to "Make a Difference."

"Try & Discover" and "Make a Difference." Based on these two statements, what we are trying to achieve is to create value that is appreciated by our clients and other stakeholders.

These days the society is changing rapidly, and people's life styles are becoming more diverse. We will strive to provide products and services that are highly satisfying to our clients by sensitively responding to such changes in the environment and "creating value" in line with newly created needs.

We will continue to work together to become an asset management company with long-lasting trust from our clients and stakeholders by placing clients’ interests first. We appreciate your support, and look forward to serving your investment needs.