We provide domestic public and private pension clients, domestic retail clients as well as foreign institutional investors with a wide range of investment products by fully utilizing our know-how and extensive investment experience.

Active investment management

We consider market inefficiency as a primary source of excess returns. Through our bottom-up fundamental analysis, we exploit gaps between intrinsic value and current market prices of assets.

Medium/long-term approach

We consistently gain excess returns over the medium/long-term.

Team-based approach

While each Fund Manager has extensive investment experience, our collective thinking is enhanced by the capabilities of our research analysts. We gain excess returns through a systematic decision-making process.

Risk Control

We take on risks for the sources of excess returns and eliminate unintended risks to the utmost.

All of TDAM’s strategies apply the firm’s overall investment philosophy described above, but each strategy has its own unique investment approach and style.

Product Lineup (Japanese Equity)