T&D Insurance Group
Environmental Policy

The T&D Insurance Group will carry out business activities with full awareness of the importance of environmental concerns and will give sufficient consideration to global environmental protection based on the T&D Insurance Group CSR Charter. The Group will achieve sustainable growth along with the society while fulfilling the public mission of life insurance and other businesses, and undertaking its corporate social responsibilities.

The Group established the following environmental policy and is committed to complying with it in all of its business activities.

1. Environmental Conservation Efforts through Business Activities

  • We will contribute to the protection of the global environment in all of our business activities.

2. Reduction in Environmental Impact

  • Recognizing the environmental burden of resource or energy consumption and waste emissions, we will work toward reducing environmental impact by conserving energy or resources, recycling resources, and promoting green purchasing.

3. Compliance with Environmental Laws

  • We will observe all environmental laws and regulations.

4. Promotion of Environmental Awareness Raising Activities

  • We will raise environmental awareness among all Group members through awareness-raising activities to promote environmental protection initiatives.

5. Continuous Improvement in Environmental Initiatives

  • By setting environmental objectives and reviewing them regularly, we will endeavor to continuously improve our environmental performance.

All members of the T&D Insurance Group are notified of this environmental policy, which is also publicly disclosed.