T&D Insurance Group
CSR Charter

The T&D Insurance Group is firmly committed to fulfilling the public mission of life insurance and other businesses and to undertaking its corporate social responsibilities based on the Group's Corporate Philosophy and by achieving sustainable growth along with society.

1. Providing Better Products and Services

  • The T&D Insurance Group will offer high-quality, optimal products and services that meet customer needs, and will contribute to the sustainable growth of society and the resolution of social issues.

2. Strict Compliance

  • The T&D Insurance Group will strictly observe laws, regulations and rules, and act with sincerity and integrity according to high ethical standards.
  • The T&D Insurance Group will maintain and promote fair and free competition.
  • The T&D Insurance Group will stand firmly against antisocial forces and groups that may threaten the order or safety of civil society.

3. Respect for Human Rights

  • The T&D Insurance Group will respect the human rights of all people, and make efforts to enlighten all its employees on human rights.
  • The T&D Insurance Group will respect the individuality and diversity of all its employees, ensure a healthy and safe work environment, and develop its human resources.
  • The T&D Insurance Group will respect privacy, and will strictly control and protect personal information.

4. Communication

  • The T&D Insurance Group will provide appropriate information concerning its products and services and disclose corporate information in an appropriate and timely manner to the general public as well as to its customers and shareholders, and will actively strive to maintain a dialogue with all its stakeholders.

5. Contribution to Communities and Society

  • The T&D Insurance Group will implement social activities as a good corporate citizen, and will contribute to the sound development of regional communities and society.

6. Global Environmental Protection

  • The T&D Insurance Group will carry out its activities with full awareness of the importance of consideration for environmental issues, and will strive to protect the global environment.

7. Establishment of Effective Governance and Thorough Implementation

  • To ensure that its actions are in compliance with this charter, the T&D Insurance Group will develop an effective governance structure and strive to cooperate with a wide range of stakeholders, including its customers, shareholders, employees, sales agents, business partners, and communities.